The following Bible Reading Plans offer a schedule for reading through the Bible in one or two years, mostly reading six days a week. Occasionally there will be weeks with only five readings.

This year we are digging into the Gospels and Wisdom Literature.   If you want to follow along with what will be posted daily on our website, click the link below to see the whole schedule for the year:

If you want to read through the entire Bible in one year, the link below will give you that plan! This plan includes the Gospels and Wisdom Literatures as scheduled above, but also includes daily readings from the New Testament / Epistles and Old Testament History / Prophets.

The reading plans include a memory verse for each week – we encourage you to give Bible memorization a try this year if it’s not already a regular practice for you!

You can follow along daily as our Bible readings are posted on our website with an audio option! If you get behind on the plan, don’t let that stop you from jumping back in. If you miss a meal, you don’t eat twice as much the next time you eat (or at least, we shouldn’t!).  Just pick back up with the next reading and continue to feast on God’s Word with us!

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