Leadership and Staff

Pastor David Vander Meer

Pastor Dave and his wife, Carol.

Pastor Dave Vander Meer, and his wife, Carol, arrived at Rockford Springs Community Church in October of 2009 after serving in a Christian Reformed Church for six years.  Prior to this he was involved in furniture manufacturing in various factories throughout the Grand Rapids area for over 17 years.  He graduated with an engineering degree from North Carolina State University in 1983 after serving for four years in the United States Marine Corp. Pastor Dave was ordained in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in September of 2010. They have four children that live in the area, with thirteen grandchildren. They come thankful for all that God has done in the past at Rockford Springs Community Church and excited to see how God will use this body of believers to further exalt the name of Jesus Christ in the future.

Youth Director
David Garrett

Katie VanDyke

Scott Baas (Lois)
Randy DeJong (Carol)
Bob Langerak (Linda)
Tom Moerdyke (Rose)
Doug Randall (Jean)
John Ritzema (Carol)

Daniel Kamps (Kristin)
Philip VanDyke (Katie)
Jim VanderHoning (Linda)
Chuck VanPortfliet (Jane)
Cory Wall (Mandy)
Nathan Wall (Kalli)

Jack Langland (Val)
Wayne Marsman (Kathy)
Greg Nozkowski (Yvonne)
Jack Visser (Nella)
Dean Wall (Kristie)

Director of GEMS
Valerie Flynn

Director of Cadets
Randy DeJong

Director of Kingdom Kids
Rose Moerdyke

Director of Sunday School
Rose Coonen

President of Women’s Ministry
Kalli Wall